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  • 1GE GEPON ONU (ZTE & Bosa)

    SFU Type EPON ONU 1GE (ZTE chipset & Bosa laser)

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    DFN1100ZB is one of the EPON optical network unit design to meet the requirement of the broadband access network. It apply in FTTH/FTTO to provide the data and video service 

    based on the EPON network.

    DFN1100ZB is the latest generations of access network technology. IEEE802.3ah is the

     standard protocol of EPON. The EPON standard differs from other PON standards in

     that it achieves higher bandwidth and higher efficiency using larger, variable-length 

    packets. EPON offers efficient packaging of user traffic, with frame segmentation 

    allowing higher quality of service (QOS) for delay-sensitive voice and video 

    communications traffic. EPON networks provides the reliability and performance 

    expected for business services and provides an attractive way to deliver residential

     services. EPON enables Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployments economically 

    resulting to accelerated growth worldwide.

    Based on ZTE high-performance xPON access chip. The chip supposes three mode:GPON/EPON/P2P, comply with the 802.3-2005, CTC EPON equipment technical 

    requirements, have good xPON interoperability compatibility.

    It provide one GE auto-adapting Ethernet ports. The features high-performance 

    forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with Internet and HD video services. Therefore, the provides a perfect terminal solution and future-oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment. It has good third-party compatibility to work with the

     third party OLT, such as Huawei/ZTE/Fiberhome/BDCOM.







    PON Port

    1 EPON optical interface
    Meet 1000BASE-PX20+ standard
    Symmetric 1.25Gbps upstream/downstream
    SC/UPC single-mode fiber
    split ratio: 1:64
    Transmission distance 20KM

    Ethernet Port(LAN)

    1*GE Auto-negotiation RJ45 ports

    Full Duplex / Half-Duplex

    RJ45, Auto-MDI/MDI-X

    Transmission Distance 100 Meter

    Power Supply Port

    12V DC input


    Network Management

    Support IEEE802.3 QAM, ONU can be remotely managed by OLT

    Support Remote management through SNMP and Telnet

    Local management



    Status monitor, Configuration management, Alarm management, Log management



    Plastic casing


    External 12V 0.5A DC power supply adapter

    Power consumption: <3W


    110mm(L) x100mm(W) x23mm (H)




    Operating Temperature050

    Storage Temperature-4085

    Operating Humidity10%90%(Non-condensing)

    Storage Humidity10%90%(Non-condensing)



    • Full compatible with IEEE802.3ah 

    • Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control;

    • In compliant with IEEE802.3ah Standard

    • Up to 20KM transmission Distance

    • Support data encryption, group broadcasting, port Vlan separation , etc.

    • Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) 

    • Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software;

    • Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm;

    • Support power-off alarm function ,easy for link problem detection

    • Support broadcasting storm resistance function

    • Support port isolation between different ports 

    • Support three layer routing functions

    • Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly

    • Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system

    • Support software online upgrading 

    • EMS network management based on SNMP ,convenient for maintenance

    • Support PPPOE authentication and routes to the client.

    • The ONU itself has to do the PPPOE authentication.

    • Support TR-069 protocol.

    Typical Solution:FTTH、FTTB、PON+EOC

    Typical Business:INTERNET、IPTV、VOD、IP Camera


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