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  • GPON ONT 1GE+WiFi (2.4GHz)

    1*GE Ethernet interface, 1 GPON interface, plastic casing, 1*WIFI (2.4GHz),external power supply adapter DC 12V 1A

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    Product description

    DFN2100W is realtek chipset GPON Routing ONU modem designed for fulfilling FTTH 

    ultra-broadband access request of  home and SOHO users. IT suports NAT/firewall and 

    the technology of 802.11n WiFi  so on functions.It is based on the stable and mature 

    GPON technology, which has high performance/price ratio, and the technology of 

    layer 3 Ethernet switch as well.It is highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed

     QoS, The chip supposes three mode:GPON/EPON/P2P, comply with the GPON 

    standard of g.984, g.983, 802.3-2005, CTC GPON equipment technical requirements, 

    have good xPON interoperability compatibility, and technical requirement of GPON

     Equipment from China Telecom.






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