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Bidirectional network transformation access solution

With the development of digital TV and the promotion of multi-network integration, it is an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for broadcasting system. Radio and television operators are not only upgrading the original TV services digitally, but also need to consider how to provide more and new interactive business services for users. In this way, the traditional users passively accept the services of analog TV programs, and bring more business opportunities to radio and television operators through new technological changes, and guide them to become a comprehensive service operator.

 As a new generation of integrated network service operators, RADIO and television has encountered two difficulties in the construction of two-way network. The first problem is that the construction environment of digital bidirectional network transformation is very complicated. The transformation of digital TV two-way network must involve line laying. Most of the newly built residential areas have installed coaxial and five line double line access, and have laid LAN port; Most of the old communities did not install these, can only use the original CATV network resources. The second difficulty is funding. The transformation of two-way network requires a large upfront investment in the network and a slow recovery of investment. Compared with other telecom operators, radio and television is facing the problem of capital shortage.


 To solve the first problem, DFLH provides EPON + LAN and EPON + EoC solutions, which are suitable for different construction environments of new and old communities, flexible access to end users, and guarantee that the simplest renovation solution can be selected under any circumstances.  To solve the second problem, THE EPON solution adopted by DFLH company can save optical fiber.  As a passive optical network, EPON does not need power supply during transmission, so it has high reliability and is easy to maintain.  Because there are fewer network components, there are fewer points of failure and operating expenses are minimized.  The remote access up to 20KM reduces the number of sites and thus reduces the cost of network construction.  DFLH's series of devices include routing, switching, security, EPON, one-machine and multi-plane, which occupies less resources at the peer end, has low initial investment, and is convenient for expansion, greatly saving user investment.

Bidirectional network transformation access solution

The cable TV bearer network is composed of digital TV platform, main front-end equipment, sub-front-end equipment, optical node and coaxial distribution network. Digital TV broadcast CATV still propagates in the original bearer network, and the transformation of HFC bidirectional network solves the needs of VoD on demand, broadband Internet access and other new services. With the increase of copper cable cost and the great reduction of optical fiber cost, more and more residential areas have realized optical fiber to corridor, which provides the line foundation for access network EPON scheme. The EPON network and HFC network have the same broadcast downtransmission mode and the point-to-multipoint tree structure, which can easily realize EPON networking from the HFC network.

After the digital network bidirectional transformation is completed, it will provide bidirectional data transmission channel, solve the problem of bidirectional optical fiber transmission from the front end to the corridor, and can carry data transmission, video on demand, VolP and other services.

The 10-GIGABit core router and BRAS device are placed in the central machine room. The 10-gigabit core router is used to gather data flows in the area and forward them to the core network. The BRAS device is used to perform PPPoE authentication for users in the area.

The access network scheme can be realized in the following three ways:

1. EPON+EoC networking technology, suitable for the existing HFC network of mature residential users;

2. The EPON+LAN networking technology is suitable for users in newly-built communities or enterprises who can easily deploy twisted-pair cables to their homes.

3. EPON networking technology, fiber direct to home, suitable for future high bandwidth users;

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