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1. R&D and marketing are the lifeblood of the company. We have independent product R&D solutions.   The production relies on the strong electronic processing capability of the Pearl River Delta.
We have established strategic partnerships with well-known electronic OEMs and commissioned them to manufacture parts of products. Production capacity exceeds 100,000 units/month.

2. In order to ensure the stability of the operation-grade products and the durability to harsh environments, we select and inspect the materials according to strict standards, and purchase all the materials ourselves to ensure the consistency of the quality of the delivered products.

3. We cooperate with the OEMs in the form of renting production lines, and guarantee the processing quality of each batch of products through the form of own quality personnel to monitor and inspect.Product yield rate is high.

4. Through the cooperative production method, our OEM has more than 8 SMT lines. The current OEMs have passed the quality certification of domestic, American, Japanese, European, other countries and regions. They are also equipped with the most advanced processing equipment of Siemens/Fujitsu with long-term experience in the manufacture of electronic equipment.

5. We attach great importance to the understanding and research of customers'areas, and  develop   products according to customer needs and  existing problems.

6. Our products provide quality assurance and technical support.

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