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Campus network Solution

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  The construction of the campus network is to serve the teaching application, and the quality of the network performance will directly affect the operation of the application system. The early campus network only shared the host resources of the internal education system, shared simple databases, mostly two-layer exchanges, and rarely three-layer applications. There were problems in network security, and they did not have value-added management capabilities. The current campus network construction needs to realize internal all-round data sharing, apply three-layer switching, and provide comprehensive QoS guarantee services to make the network more secure and reliable, so as to realize the automation of education management, multimedia teaching, and library management. Realize distance teaching and provide value-added and manageable services.

  skills requirement

  Optical fiber technology should be used effectively, the port bandwidth should be used to the maximum, the single port bandwidth should be above 100M bit rate, and the ports of the backbone equipment should have high-speed processing performance to provide congestion-free processing capabilities.

  It should have sufficient redundancy and fault-tolerant performance, including the redundancy of switching modules, power supplies, links, and equipment, dynamic routing, rerouting of network failures, and online hot swapping and other performance.

  It should have sufficient access capability and scalability, including the provision of multiple access methods and the scalability of access, the expansion of bandwidth and the smooth upgrade of speed, and the scalability of processing capabilities.

  It should have quality of service (QoS) guarantee and bandwidth management capabilities to effectively deal with packet delay, jitter, packet loss and throughput issues.

  It should have network multimedia applications, and can provide video conferences, video interactive teaching, video on demand and other video network services to support multicast protocols.

  It should have VLAN division management to improve the performance, security and easy management of the campus network.

  It should have network management functions such as management and operation management of network equipment.

  Network topology

  Access to campus network

  plan description

  Processing capability: The switch is an L3-layer switch with an advanced architecture, the backplane switching capacity reaches 13Gbps, and the third-layer switching rate reaches a wire speed of 6.6Mpps, which can provide enterprises with high-performance, multi-layered solutions, as well as service Providers' transition to data networks provides a strong underpinning.

  VLAN division: The campus network has a huge number of information points, and the virtual network is used to isolate the broadcast in the network to ensure the network speed; at the same time, the virtual network can also isolate the workstations of different departments to further improve the security of the system. Juhong series switches support VLAN division based on 802.1Q, and support two modes of tagged and untagged.

  Broadcast and multicast technology: In the network, it is equipped with a VOD server, which can play teaching videos, songs, etc. on the server on demand at any time on the campus network, which is convenient for teachers and students to learn and enrich their lives. The WWW server in the network is located behind the firewall. It accurately locates the data request from the external network through address mapping, and at the same time shields other hosts on the internal network, providing reliable security. The network system composed of Juhong series switches supports the multicast protocols IGMP and PIM, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of network bandwidth and provide a strong technical guarantee for applications such as school video-on-demand and online teaching.

  IP QoS: Supports IP QoS function, which can be used in combination with other switches of Orient Lianhua to more effectively ensure the priority transmission of important data and time-sensitive data. Through port filtering, it can effectively control the unreasonable occupation of network bandwidth, which is beneficial for schools. The distance learning and multimedia teaching provide an advanced network-based platform.

  Network management: Orient Lianhua's own network management software can monitor network traffic, display traffic distribution and other information, and implement alarms for network abnormalities. This function facilitates network management and saves network administrators the pain of running back and forth in various campuses, thereby improving work efficiency.

  Compatibility: The outstanding compatibility of network equipment enables the school to protect the investment in the original network while the network equipment is continuously updated. In addition, Orient Lianhua adopts the industry's unified technology and standards, and can work with other manufacturers' equipment, which ensures that the school can use advanced software and hardware products at any time, thus further protecting the existing investment.

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