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E31A AP Wireless 5G CPE 24dBi 11km

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  • E31A AP Wireless 5G CPE 24dBi 11km
  • E31A AP Wireless 5G CPE 24dBi 11km

E31A| Hardware Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Qualcomm Atheros AR9344 560MHz CPU;

Memory: 64MB;

Flash: 8MB;


Antenna Specifications

24dBi Directional Pot Cover Antenna

Wireless Standard



RF Parameters

Output Power: 1000mW(30dBm)

Receiving Sensitivity: -96dBm

Frequency: 802.11a/n: 5.180GHz-5.825GHz




Modulation Technology


DSSS : DBPSK@1MbpsDQPSK@2MbpsCCK@5.5/11Mbps

OFDM : BPSK@6/9MbpsQPSK@12/18Mbps16-QAM@24Mbps、

         64- QAM@48/54Mbps                                                 MIMO-OFDM : MCS 0-15

Transmission Rate



Physical Ports

1*10/100Mbps WAN/LAN RJ45 Ethernet 1*Reset Button;

LED Indicator

6 led indicator: POE adapter, Network port, wifi, Signal strength(1~3)




POE Power Adapter: 24V

Power Consumption



IP Index

2KV Lightning protection; IP67 Level





Pole installation, wall installation, bracket installation



ABS engineering plastic + aluminum antenna


Diameter: 400*280*234mm


Working Environment

Working Temperature: -10℃~55℃

Storage Temperature: -50℃~75℃

Working Humidity: 10%~90%RH No-condensing

Storage Humidity: 5%~90%RH No-condensing

E31A| Software Specifications

Wireless working mode


Network Settings

LAN port connection: static IP, dynamic IP


Wireless Setting

802.11bgn mode or 802.11an mode

Automatic channel selection

Transmit power adjustment


Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) encryption

SSID broadcast/hidden

Distance setting

Channel bandwidth selection

Advanced Settings: Beacon Time Slot, RTS Threshold,

Fragmentation Threshold, DTIM Interval, AP Isolation,         Short GI, WMM


Management and Maintenance

HTTP WEB management

System log

Time and NTP settings

Wireless Condition Monitoring Program


System Tools

System status: signal strength, noise strength, 

transmit CCQ, CPU usage, memory usage

Status Monitoring: 

Throughput/Wireless Client/Interface/ARP

Rate Test


Functional Feature

► Free angle adjustment, quick assembly and fixation;

► Special signal indicator light, easy to adjust the correct angle;

► Equipped with a spirit level for more accurate installation;

► 5.8GHz frequency band, the signal is continuously stable;

► 24dBi high-gain directional antenna, stronger long-distance transmission signal, 

     effectively avoiding surrounding interference;

► Qualcomm AR9344 560MHz industrial grade CPU;

► IP65 protection grade;

► 11 km stable transmission;

►  1000mW high transmit power, stronger signal strength,

      longer transmission distance and more stable;

►  2KV lightning protection, safer in thunderstorms;

►  IEEE802.11a/n standard;

►  300Mbps transmission rate, stable and fast;

► Easy to install outdoors, easy to disassemble and use;

Long-Distance transmission bridge 

 AP Wireless 5G CPE ( IP65, 24dBi,11km)

E31A is a 5.8GHz anti-interference outdoor long-distance transmission bridge, 

which is suitable for wireless signal transmission in security monitoring projects.

 It is equipped with 24dBi high-gain directional antenna and 30dBm RF power,

 and supports 11 kilometers of barrier-free transmission. It is suitable for monitoring 

project transmission in outdoor scenic spots, ports, oil fields, construction sites, etc.

Product performance advantage


·11 km long distance transmission

E31A adopts Qualcomm chip solution, with stable and reliable performance. 

At the same time, it is equipped with a PA power amplifier, and the test transmission distance in an open environment can reach about 11 kilometers, which is suitable for long-distance monitoring and transmission applications.

·24dBi directional antenna, 30dBm RF power

E31A is equipped with 24dBi high-gain directional antenna, the mesh design can effectively resist wind resistance, 1000mW (30dBm) transmit power, stronger long-distance transmission signal, stronger anti-interference, well ensure the stability of the wireless bridge and long-distance transmission.

·Excellent industrial design, flexible application

The design of the installation clip code, the bridge can be rotated at any angle, which is convenient for adjustment. Equipped with a spirit level, it can detect 

whether the installation position is accurate in real time, and it is clear at a glance.

IP65 protection grade, can resist all kinds of outdoor harsh environments, and ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of the equipment 24 hours.

·POE power supply, engineering electricity conveniently

E31A supports POE power supply, can support 100 meters long network cable for power supply and data transmission at the same time, it is more convenient to get power for outdoor projects, get rid of the constraints caused by power supply problems

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